1. I have a friend at this school who knows the schools side of the story. The friend stated that what’s in this article is not accurate into the reasons why the coach was terminated. There were some things on social media that were posted that were not good judgement on the coaches part. Things that a Christian school would not allow from their current faculty nor the students. It wasn’t an alcohol issue, it was lots of issues. The Bible doesn’t say you can’t drink and yes we read that Jesus created wine. But the Bible does speak about offending others, about being held accountable for mistakes and about how you should represent yourself.

2. These are things should have been caught and that was a mistake by those in charge of the hiring. That’s what I think is the embarrassing part. It should have never gotten this far. IMO.

3. You can call Christians names, you can call Christiany a cult, hypocrites, etc…but no different then the Muslim, Jewish or other religions, they have the right to have their own standards. It’s not about judging, it’s about accepting, and they chose to not accept the past behavior. People can be forgiven for anything but that doesn’t mean you condone their actions. That’s not hypocritical, Large companies are quick to cut contracts with athletes or actors who put out unacceptable comments to the media or on the internet. Why is a Christian school or Christians in general not ¬†allowed to make a hiring change for what that they see as poor behavior for a school leader. I’m sure all Christians have done wrongs that they are embarrassed about and many have been held accountable for their mistakes. I know I have and I will continue to make mistakes and I have to own my mistakes and the consequences that come with them. I can be forgiven for my mistakes but I am accountable for them.

4. Social media is the Devil. Not really, I’m using the language from The Water Boy. But I do know that once you make a comment or post a picture, it will follow you the rest of your life. I’ve got family members who have made the mistake of bad posts and it will always be there.

I apologize for this being so long, but as I attempt to be Christian ( and I know I’m as much a sinner as anyone ), and having some insight into the school and the program, I felt the need to write this post ( only 3rd post in 3 years ).